We are confident that you can stay at our caravan park and maintain a social distance of at least 2m, and a great deal of thought and research has been done by Barbara and I in order to enhance your safety.

The shower block and toilet facilities will be open, but we are requesting that visitors use their own facilities as much as possible.  Only one wash basin is to be used in each side, and you will need to be aware of others entering the building, and move aside if needed, in order to maintain a 2m distance, it is possible if people help


each other.  Cleaning materials will be available so that the 'touch points' (flush handles, taps, etc,) can be sprayed after use, we will also be cleaning these regularly.  The doors and windows will be kept open for ventilation.  Only one household at a time in the washing up room please.

Our system for dealing with cash by using a stickleback net, has worked very well with the day tickets, and we will continue with this for the fishing.  Please help yourself stay safe by having the correct money, so that we don't have to give out change, but if you need change, wash your hands after handling it.  Anglers are responsible for maintaining a minimum 2m social distancing at all times.

To settle your balance, you will need to make a card payment by phone, or cash with the stickleback net.  All pitch fees must be settled by the second day of your stay please.

The Costcutter supermarket in the village will be open, with social distancing and outside queing,  We have informed them that we are re-opening, and that social distancing procedures are in place.

The Wenlock Arms pub will be open, with take-away meals also available, please support our local businesses.

We hope that you can relax and feel safe at Westerly Lake, and have a lovely holiday surrounded by entertaining wildlife.  The safety of all of us depends on awareness of others, and common sense.....we're looking forward to seeing you drive through our gate!

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