Your custom and support have been deeply appreciated, and we look forward to welcoming both regular and new visitors to our caravan park and fishing lake.  A full risk assessment with regard to re-opening of the caravan park and Covid-19 precautions has been undertaken, and is available in the Lodge.  Everybody's health and safety remains our top priority, and we have adopted the recommendations that are applicable to our caravan park, taken from the following publications:-

  • The government publication 'Cleaning in Non Healthcare Settings'.

  • British Holiday & Home Parks Association 'Covid-19 A Guidance for BH&HPA Members'.

  • The Professional Association of Self Caterers UK 'Covid-19 Risk Assessment for Short-Term Holiday Rentals'.

  • Chartered Institute of Environmental Health 'Legionnaires' disease: lockdown risk + re-opening safely'.

The presence of bacteria that cause Legionnaires' disease is a major consideration when a hot water system has not been used for a number of weeks. The details of the cleansing of our system can be found in our risk assessment, but basically involved sterilization of the shower heads, and raising the temperature of the water to above 65C for 24 hours (the bacteria are distroyed above 60C), then the whole system is flushed through. Our cold water system is well below the temperature at which legionella can develop, but the taps and pipework have also been flushed through prior to re-opening.